"Working with Rob at DBM is always a pleasure and never actually feels like work! The journey that starts with a kernel of an idea and ends with a fully-fledged animation is an experience in itself and Rob keeps you involved every step of the way. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend DBM Motion Graphics as a key component in the marketing toolkit of any business, large or small."
Emma Garrett, Director, Pavilion At The Park
Online marketing animation made by DBM
We love building strong, long term relationships with clients so we're pleased to have worked with the award-winning Pavilion At The Park, Bedford on a number of projects, two of which you can see here. Repeat business is very cost-effective as we can often reuse elements made for earlier videos (e.g. the "cardboard" pavilion and trees). That speeds up the process and drives down the price - it's a win win!
Christmas promotional video made by DBM
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