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Sharing Your Animation

Rule Of Thumb

To put your video on social media, upload it directly like you would a photo.
To put it on your website, first upload it to YouTube and then embed.

Sharing On Social Media

Not so long ago, if you wanted to get a video onto Twitter or Facebook you'd first have to stick it on YouTube and then link to that. Fortunately these days Zuckerberg and co. are tripping over themselves to get you to upload your masterpieces/cat vids directly to their platforms. This is a good thing as:

  • Your followers don't have to leave their timelines to watch your video
  • Videos will "auto-play" (more eye-catching as opposed to YouTube links which remain static)

Adding Videos To Your Website

Generally you're best off uploading your video to a site like YouTube or Vimeo and then embedding that in yours. This means the video gets streamed from their super-fast, reliable servers. You could host it on yours instead but if too many people watch it simultaneously you may find your site grinding to a halt. Also, video files are usually large, there's no point them eating up your storage if it's not completely necessary.

Remember: YouTube is the world's second largest search engine so it's really useful to have a presence there. Even if your video is only destined for Twitter, it's worth putting it on YouTube too even just for SEO (search engine optimisation) purposes.

Scheduling Videos On Social Media

DBM Motion Graphics recommends (and uses daily) Buffer for scheduling all social media posts including those with video. We've tried a fair few of the alternatives but Buffer always comes out on top. Their customer service (even if you're on their excellent free plan) is the best in the business.

Some Platform-Specific Pointers

  • Twitter loops any video under 6.5 seconds
  • Facebook Pages can now have cover videos (not available on personal profiles)
  • Instagram videos ("normal" ones, as opposed to Instagram Stories) must be less than 1 minute and uploaded via app
  • Instagram will crop your video to a square unless you press the button in the bottom left corner of the upload screen

If you have any questions about getting your videos online, send us a message and we'll do our best to help.

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