Animated pay terminal

Their problem:

Mia Bazo describe their service as “travel tracking and more”. They needed help concisely explaining seven aspects of their SaaS (Software as a Service) package using motion graphics videos for their website and social media.


I chose to make square videos as they work well on social media and would also suit the layout of their website. Making seven videos, one for each aspect of Mia Bazo’s service, meant they could be spread across more of their website, rather than just, for example, having one video sitting on the homepage. It meant the videos could each deal with a very specific part of their service and be more useful for the viewer.

Animated Stamp

Everything arrives on time and on budget.

Some people prefer watching a video to reading text which makes Rob’s animations invaluable to my clients. He took a client’s complex SaaS technology and concisely animated its features and benefits in an engaging series of brief videos. And Rob is a pro; everything arrives on time and on budget.
J Laurence Srno - Mia Bazo

J Laurence Sarno – Mia Bazo

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