Many of my videos are for businesses to use internally or are “white-label” projects, meaning I can’t share them publicly. Happy to send you examples of these privately if you get in touch.

Here is a small section of recent projects. Each case study includes a video and details of what went on behind the scenes to make them.


Rocket Science

You can’t beat working for good people who are doing good things. I really enjoyed helping Rocket Science explain how they help businesses tackle UK poverty.

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The Harpur Trust

A 450-year-old true story involving a bloke from Bedford who became Lord Mayor of London but never forgot his roots.

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RBR Legflow

From a tin of baked beans to appearing on Dragons’ Den – this video has quite a story behind it. And the best thing is, it was made to help promote a device that saves lives.

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Mia Bazo

In many cases, and this is one, it’s much more effective to make a series of short videos than one long one.

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