The harper Trust animation

Their problem:

The Trust wanted to bring to life the story of its 450 years of history in a way that’s accessible for children and adults alike.


After toying with the idea of an animated timeline covering many moments in the Trust’s history, I decided to concentrate instead on its formation in the 16th century and also what it does now, to highlight both the long time it’s been helping Bedford and also to show the contrast between then and now.

Character animation can be time-consuming so to keep things within the budget, I designed the animation to resemble a shoebox theatre with the characters looking like paper cutouts. This simplified the process somewhat and meant we could make a longer video to do the subject justice.


With thanks to Richard Mann for doing such a great job on the voiceover.

Harper Trust Animation

Magical powers!

I can’t recommend Rob highly enough. He completely understood what I was trying to achieve and then used his magical powers to create something really special for us.

Sarah Elam – The Harpur Trust (formerly)

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