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Their Problem:

Rocket Science’s work is broad, varied and sometimes complex. They needed a concise, engaging way to summarise how they’re involved in tackling inequality in the UK. 


We spent a long time in pre-production getting the text for the narration exactly right which was challenging as Rocket Science’s scope of work is so wide. The video was to be hosted on their own website, shared on LinkedIn and played in presentations,  so I chose a traditional widescreen format which will work well in all those situations.

I wanted viewers to feel a change in mood between the start of the video which lists some of the areas of inequality they deal with, and the end of the video which explains how Rocket Science tackle them. That’s why I decided to begin in black and white in a low frame rate (slightly jerky movement) and gradually transition to using more colour and a higher frame rate (smooth movement) at the end.


With thanks to SJ from The Skills Collective for her valuable input.

Voiceover by the excellent Alexia Kombou.

Animation of characters chatting

Amazing results!

It’s incredible how thorough Rob’s work is – the results of our animation have been amazing. If you need an animation, Rob is your person. We’re looking forward to a fruitful relationship!
Headshot of Caroline Masundire from Rocket Science

Caroline Masundire – Rocket Science

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