Their problem:

Paul Westerman designed a lifesaving medical device and needed to show people how to use it. When he first got in touch there wasn’t even a prototype so Paul sent me a video of his wife’s foot doing the required exercises on a can of baked beans (which was actually incredibly helpful!) He needed those movements turned into animations along with clear text instructions for viewers to follow.


As there wasn’t a physical model of the device yet, I got hold of some 3D computer models of it that were being used to make prototypes. I rendered them into the photorealistic images you see at the start of the video. I then hand-animated a foot (!) doing the exercises, using Paul’s baked bean tin reference videos. The video closes with some scenarios in which the RBR Legflow can be utilised. Now I’m not saying it was this video that was responsible for Paul winning the backing of one of the Dragons when it was shown in the Den during his pitch 😉 but it just goes to show, you can make a video for one purpose but the real value comes when you can use it in a variety of settings.

Extremely stress-free

Launching such a unique product to the market has been tricky at times but Rob made translating the unique benefits of the RBR Legflow into clear and understandable animations extremely stress-free. He understood how to communicate the product and to help raise awareness of Thrombosis with his animations.
Paul Westerman - RBR Active

Paul Westerman – RBR Legflow Active

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