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Communication Untangled podcast image featuring host Sue Keogh

A massive, party popper emoji congrats to Made by DBM client Sookio for hitting the top 10 of Apple’s Marketing Podcast chart less than a week after launching!

In Communication Untangled, Sookio founder Sue Keogh chats to guests from the worlds of design, communications, and behavioural psychology about the many facets of communication that influence our behaviour, but often go unnoticed.

Made by DBM was brought in very early in the process to consult on the podcast’s format and also how it would be recorded and promoted.

Working with Sue and the Sookio team from the beginning was hugely beneficial – a real team effort.

Sue Keogh shares: ‘Years of quiet mulling has culminated in our new podcast, Communication Untangled, hosted by me and produced by the most excellent Rob Birnie from Made by DBM. We have a shared background in radio (BBC Radio 2, Planet Rock, Magic FM) and because of this, we’re a bit old-school and wanted to do it properly.’

As well as providing audio enhancement, editing and mixing services for the podcast, Made by DBM also worked in conjunction with Sookio to create social media promo videos for each episode.

We’ll all blown away by the positive feedback we’ve received from listeners and breaking into the top 10 in such a crowded field is testament to the hard work everyone has put into this rewarding project.

Series 1 highlights include:

Untangling Brand: Harry Pearce (John Lewis, V&A, Liberty LBTY) from celebrated design studio Pentagram talks brand guidelines, plus NASA’s evolution from a meatball…to a worm.

Untangling Colour: With Webs of Influence author Nathalie Nahai.

Untangling Menus: Sean Willard from The Menu Engineers gives an expert view on the psychology of menu design. And how does Netflix use idleness aversion in its menu to keep you watching? 

You can listen to Communication Untangled on all the usual podcast providers and here.


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