"Privacy Policy"

DBM Motion Graphics takes your privacy seriously. We also like an easy life. So:

We don't have a mailing list

If you email us either directly or by using the form on our contact page, we’ll only use the name and email address you supply to get back in touch with you about that specific enquiry, should your message require doing so. There’s no chance of us randomly spamming you three years down the line.

We don’t sell or give your information to anyone else

Enough said.

Cookies and website shenanigans

Like every other website on the planet, we use cookies to help us find out a little about who's accessing our website. It's not hugely revealing tbh, but we can get an accurate idea of when people access a page on our site and which pages they are. Depending on how tight the security settings are at your end, we can sometimes see which town or city you're in. In all honesty, we're too busy making animations to bother looking at this kind of stuff but it's best you know.


If we make you an animation, some motion graphics or you use our post-production services, we will (spoiler alert) need to invoice you. So we’ll have on file the following details from you:

  • Name
  • Postal address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Our invoicing and accounting system is cloud-based however we do keep pdf copies of all invoices here at DBM. They’re password-secured and again, backed up to an encrypted cloud server for safety.

The information you supply in order for us to produce invoices is only used for that purpose i.e. you won’t be added to a mailing list, mainly because we don’t have one.

Social Media

By following us on social media, or using it contact us with an enquiry or general bantz, obviously we’re going to see your screen name and we’ll be able to see as much of your info as you allow your social media platforms to show.

Get in touch

Seriously, any issues, just get in touch. We won't be dicks with your data.