Screw the Algorithm

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I make videos for a living and I’d recommend not posting videos on social media…

…IF you’re doing it because you think the algorithm will favour it.

I’ve seen several posts recently saying engagement is down across LinkedIn but video is bucking the trend and therefore you should be using it.

The people who spout this stuff rarely, if ever, offer proof or cite sources. They make their proclamations and then sit back and enjoy 100s of replies from people blindly taking them at their word. “Great actionable tip – will do!” etc. 🙄

The Golden Rules

🔴 Never create content designed to appeal to algorithms

🟢 Always create content designed to connect with people

Here’s Why

No one apart from a few people at the various social media platforms really knows what’s going on with the algorithms. You could carry out lengthy tests and try to deduce what might be happening but by the time you’d done so, it’d probably have changed and you’re back to square one.

Second-guessing algorithms is where madness lies. Instead, just concentrate on the quality. If you feel a video or photo is relevant, then great.

For example, if your post is a very personal one, a selfie could be a powerful addition. Videos are great at explaining stuff and for entertaining but if they’re not relevant, needlessly adding one to a post is all a bit glitter on a turd.

Forget the algorithm and be very sceptical about anyone claiming to know its ins and outs.

Just concentrate on the quality and connecting with your fellow humans – don’t worry about appeasing some fickle 1s and 0s in a server somewhere.

And Finally

I posted the above on LinkedIn. If you’d like to read the replies, hit this link and feel free to chuck me a connection request or a follow if you’d like to stay in touch.

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