Tabitha Mary

"Rob was just brilliant to work with. He took my scrap of an idea and turned it into something even better than I was imagining! Would not hesitate to work with him again or recommend!”
Tabitha Mary / Owner / Tabitha Mary

Most of my animations are for internal communications (e.g. staff training) or B2B (business-to-business) which means I often can't share them here on my website. However, I still enjoy making consumer-facing videos when the opportunity arises, as is the case here.

Designer Tabitha Mary asked me to make three videos to help market her prints on social media. She's most active on Instagram so I made the videos square to work well on her grid. In addition to the animation you can see here, I made a further two videos for Tabitha that were based on footage of her at work which I edited and added effects to. So the project involved a bit of everything I do: motion graphics, animation and post-production.

Tabitha was such a pleasure to collaborate with - it's not the first time we've worked together and I hope we will again soon.


Tabitha Mary


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