Crazy Catch

"Rob has been a pleasure to work with and has added an extra layer of creativity to our marketing projects. He cares about the brand, is passionate about his work and is able to respond quickly which is vitally important with social media content."
Kate Costin / Marketing Manager / Crazy Catch UK

There's a bit of everything in this series of six Christmas animations made for Crazy Catch. 2D and 3D elements, character work, kinetic typography... Heck, Christmas is no time for subtlety! The animations formed the basis of a competition held in the run up to the big day. To add value, short "teaser" edits were made for Instagram Stories to hook viewers in and steer them towards the main videos.

It's been great working with Crazy Catch on several of their Christmas campaigns over the years. Many thanks to their marketing manager Kate who starts the ball rolling in summer so we've always got plenty of time to cook up our festive fun!


Crazy Catch


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