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"When I initially approached Rob to bring my cockerel logo to life, all I knew was that I wanted him to crow. Rob completely surpassed my expectations; the shake in the tail and the snappy little beak! (that's the cockerel, not me - Rob). He gave me several options on how the words could be crowed too! I absolutely love the new improved Cocky, which sits perfectly with my brand message and slogan.”
Tara Goldsmith / Owner / Free Range Design & Print Solutions

One of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to use the power of animation is to add movement to your logo. And as you can see above, they're great for seasonal marketing. They may only last a few seconds but our attention to detail remains as focused as ever. In fact, getting "Cocky" to move naturally involved videoing ourselves doing cockerel impressions and converting that movement into animation! Attached to social media posts, utilising the new Facebook Page cover videos feature or used in email signatures and on websites, animated logos help you stand out while your competitors stand still.


Logo Animation

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