RBR legflow™

"Launching such a unique product can be tricky, but our relationship with Rob made translating the unique benefits of the RBR legflow™ into clear and understandable animations stress-free."
Paul Westerman / Director / RBR active™

To explain the foot exercises he wanted animating, Paul from RBR sent us videos of him performing them on a tin of baked beans! Because we were involved so early in the process, at the time there was only one RBR legflow™ in the country, so when it wasn’t to hand, it was out with the Heinz (other beans are available).
As well as this video, we produced four short, animated infographics for social media and also a longer animation explaining the symptoms of Deep Vein Thrombosis, the condition this life-saving medical device can drastically reduce people’s chances of contracting.


RBR active™


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